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The Best Easy Fluffy Pancake Recipe

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Looking for the absolute best and easy pancake recipe to start your sunday with a delicious treat? You’re in the right place! My fluffy pancakes are a breakfast sensation that will leave your taste buds dancing. This recipe has already become a sunday staple at home and I make them every week, if I’m not working. Pair them with my boyfriends amazingly crispy bacon and we are in heaven. Let’s dive right in!

This simple recipe creates pancakes that are incredibly light and fluffy. You’ll only need a handful of basic ingredients, and I’m willing to bet that you already have them in your kitchen. It makes for the perfect not sweet pancakes that pair perfectly with either savory or sweet toppings.

Depending on the size of pancakes you cook, I usually get at least 12 pancakes out of this recipe.


1 1/2 cups Flour

I use self raising flour for extra fluffiness, but you can use all purpopse, whole wheat, or even buckwheat flour for a gluten-free version.

2 tablespoons Sugar

I always use granulated sugar, but any other kind of sugar you have in your pantry is fine.

1 tablespoon Baking Powder

Baking powder is my recipe’s secret ingredient to make the pancakes incredibly fluffy.

1/2 teaspoon Salt

Just a tiny amount to really enhance the flavours and counter the sugar a little bit. I promise it makes all the difference.

1 1/4 cups Milk

Pancakes need their moisture. Any kind of milk will do, I go with semi-skimmed milk because it’s the kind of milk I like and always have at home. Substitute for any plant based milk for a vegan alternative.

1 Egg

Depending on the size, I either use a really large one or two medium sized eggs. For a vegan substitution try a flax egg.

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

It gives the pancakes their signature scent as long as adding sweetness to the dough.

4 tablespoons Butter

Butter, or any plant based substitute, works great.

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Step 1

Sieve the flour to a large bowl and whisk together the sugar, salt and baking powder until evenly combined.

Step 2

Heat the butter with the in the microwave until melted.

Step 3

Make a well in the centre of your dry ingredients bowl and slowly pour the milk ans melted butter mixture into the dry ingredients, while whisking to combine. When you have no more liquid ingredients, whisk long enough so you stop seeing uncombined flour. It’s ok if the dough has lumps.

Step 4

Add your egg(s) and whisk thoroughly. The lumps should be gone.

Step 5

Add the vanilla extract and whisk to combine.

Step 6

Using a few drops of cooking oil, oil your pan. Clean out excess oil with a cloth.

Step 7

Cook the pancakes.

Step 8

Add any toppings you want and enjoy!

In conclusion

This easy and fluffy pancake recipe have become a sunday breakfast staple in my household and they sure will become one in your home as well. With just a few basic ingredients and my step-by-step guide, you can whip up a stack of mouthwatering pancakes in no time. Whether you enjoy them with a drizzle of maple syrup, a dollop of whipped cream, or your favorite toppings, these pancakes are a delightful morning treat. Embrace the joy of cooking and treat yourself to the best easy pancake recipe that’s bound to satisfy your cravings and brighten your day! Don’t forget to read 16 Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes for more amazingly easy and nutritious breakfast ideas.

Let me know how your pancakes turn out in the comments!

Until next time.

The Best Easy Fluffy Pancake Recipe

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