How to Identify and Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

You probably remember being fearless as a child. Your natural curiosity was enough to overcome any self-doubt and you were unstoppable. Unless an adult intervened. At those times, you probably thought that adults were always afraid and limiting your freedom, because you knew what you were doing. It is important to identify your limiting beliefs in order to overcome what is holding you back and allow you to live a grounded life with purpose and harmony.


How I Get Spring Cleaning Done The Effortless Way

I am a very organized person, but I’m really not the best at cleaning chores. In fact, I hate the work involved. But I do like a clean and fresh smelling home. Which is why, when spring hits, I grab my mops and brooms, vacuum cleaners and detergents and just go at it like crazy. I get it done in no time. Want to know how I get spring cleaning done the effortless way?


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