About me

I’m a blogger, entrepeneur, older sister, pizza lover, totally devoted to helping others achieve the very best version of themselves.

Nice to meet you!

Hi there! I'm Daniela!

I’m a baby-faced 30-something girl, a writer, a pharmacist and a ballerina. I’m a daughter, a big sister and a caring friend. 

A few years ago, some major events happened that lead to my family structure crumbling down and my sanity with it. I found myself in desperate need of change. That’s when I decided that I had to become my own knight in shining armor, because no one was going to change my life but me. 

Just like you, I’m a fighter. Everyday I fight for my sanity and everyday I work towards achieving my goals.


My mission with Fiercely Balanced is to give you the tools to take control of

 your own life and to help you start living with the purpose, 

confidence and balance that will get you to achieve all your goals.

What is Fiercely Balanced all about?

Fiercely Balanced is a platform where I share articles and resources  to empower you to change your mindset and point you in the right direction. And by eliminating all unnecessary emotional clutter and simplifying every aspect of your life, from health to budgeting, cooking to home decoration, from cleaning and decluttering to efficient time-management. I’ve got you covered!

new to fiercely balanced?

New to Fiercely Balanced and don’t know where to start? The blog is divided into three categories: 

personal growth, home management and healthy habits. Pick a topic and start changing your life today!

Personal Growth

In this category you will be able to find articles written specifically to empower you, to help you feel more confident and to improve your take on life, both physically and mentally..

Home Management

The Home Management category is where the articles to turn your house into the home of your dreams are. And by efficiently managing every aspect of it, from cooking to budgeting, your life will be right on it's tracks again.


Because a healthy mind is nothing without a healthy body, in this category I will show you exactly how to best take care of yours.​

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