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I’m a mindset coach, blogger, and a ballerina. I’m a pharmacist, and an older sister, a surfer, and a pizza lover. My own journey, along with this blend of roles, experiences and passions inspire me everyday to empower you to overcome obstacles, find your inner strength, and cultivate a positive mindset to achieve you goals and lead a fulfilling life.

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Hi there, I'm Daniela!

Just like you, I wear different hats throughout the day. I’m a coach, a blogger and a ballerina. I’m an older sister, a surfer and a caring friend.  I have a background in health science as a pharmacist. I’m an introvert, a gamer and a pizza lover.

Throughout my journey, I encountered the challenges that come with managing multiple passions, responsibilities, and personal tendencies. These struggles have shaped my perspective and led me to explore ways to overcome obstacles, maintain balance, and develop a strong mindset.

As I faced my own challenges head-on, I developed strategies, tools, and techniques that helped me navigate all my roles more effectively. I realized the importance of mindset in overcoming difficulties, setting and achieving goals, and maintaining a sense of well-being amidst the chaos of life.

I have decided to become a mindset coach after I recognized the transformative impact of my own experiences. I passionately wanted to share my knowledge, insights, and techniques with others who faced similar struggles in their own lives.

My mission with Fiercely Balanced is to empower you to develop a positive mindset, navigate life’s challenges, and embrace your true potential. 

My role as an older sister adds another layer of significance to my mission. I understand the importance of fostering healthy relationships and providing support to my siblings. I serve as a role model, offering guidance, encouragement, and a listening ear to help them navigate life’s ups and downs. My experiences as an older sister shape my compassionate approach as a mindset coach, allowing me to connect with you on a deeper level.

As a ballerina, I appreciate the beauty of discipline, perseverance, and self-expression. I understand the dedication and commitment required to excel in the art form. This background enriches my coaching practice, as I incorporate principles of grace, poise, and resilience into my guidance. I will encourage you to embrace your unique talents and passions, using them as vehicles for personal growth and self-discovery.

Being a surfer, I understand the importance of balance, adaptability, and embracing the flow of life. I will help you to find harmony and navigate through uncertain times by teaching you resilience, adaptability, and the art of riding life’s waves.

As an introvert, I possess a deep understanding of the inner world and the power of introspection. I recognize the importance of solitude, self-reflection, and self-care. My introverted nature allows me to create a safe space for you, where you can explore your own thoughts, emotions, and aspirations without judgment. I will guide you in embracing yourself, helping you find ways to recharge, set healthy boundaries, and tap into your unique set of abilities.

What is Fiercely Balanced all about?

Fiercely Balanced is a platform where I share articles and resources  to empower you to change your mindset and point you in the right direction. And by eliminating all unnecessary emotional clutter and simplifying every aspect of your life, from health to budgeting, cooking to home decoration, from cleaning and decluttering to efficient time-management. I’ve got you covered!

Personal Growth

In this category you will be able to find articles written specifically to empower you, to help you feel more confident and to improve your take on life, both physically and mentally..

Home Management

The Home Management category is where the articles to turn your house into the home of your dreams are. And by efficiently managing every aspect of it, from cooking to budgeting, your life will be right on it's tracks again.


Because a healthy mind is nothing without a healthy body, in this category I will show you exactly how to best take care of yours.​

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