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Get to know Daniela

My mission as your Mindset Coach is to empower you to develop a positive mindset, navigate life’s challenges, and embrace your true potential.

Just like you, I wear different shoes everyday.  I’m a coach, a blogger, a pharmacist and a ballerina. I’m an older sister, a surfer and a pizza lover. 

Throughout my journey, I encountered the challenges that came with managing multiple passions, responsibilities, and personal tendencies. This is what shaped my perspective and led me to explore ways to overcome obstacles, maintain balance, and develop a strong mindset.

When I recognized the transformative impact of my experiences, I wanted to share my knowledge, insights, and techniques with others who faced similar struggles in their own lives.

I’m here to empower you to overcome obstacles, find your inner strength, and cultivate a positive mindset to achieve your goals and lead a  fulfilling life.

Find out more about me and my goals for you through Fiercely Balanced.

What to expect from Fiercely Balanced?

Whether you’re yearning to nurture your inner self, striving for a healthier lifestyle, or seeking a sanctuary within your living space, the Blog is your gateway to an enriching exploration of your Mind, Body, and Nest. Embark on this adventure with me and let the journey of self-discovery unfold before your eyes.


In this category you will be able to find articles written specifically to help you on your transformation into the person you have always dreamed of becoming.


Uncover the secrets of nourishing your body, staying active, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


Create a haven of simplicity and ease within your house and turn it into a cozy and functional home that sparks joy and inspires you every day.

Blog Highlights

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Learn to stretch a few major muscle groups in just 10 minutes and give your whole day an energy boost. The best part? You can do it in your PJs!

Take Control of Your Finances Like a Pro!

Stop worrying about where your money went, learn how to easily take control of your finances and gain back a bit of sanity.

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